May 4, 2014

Homemade Take Along Toy Car Play Mat

Continuing on my homemade gift giving quest for Christmas 2014, I stitched this simple toy car mat for a certain little boy to open in December. {Every year, we try to incorporate homemade gifts, but this year, I want to tip the scale and have more homemade than store bought gifts. This is partly for frugality and partly for the challenge of it. Last year's efforts are seen here.}

The whole toy car play mat was made from old clothing or scraps of leftover fabric I had on hand.

An old denim jean pocket serves for the garage and bits of denim from old jeans made a rugged road.
{Yes, I am still using up the same jeans I cut apart for the other denim projects. You can see them here, here, and here.}

The 'country side' is composed of green, yellow, and brown scraps cut in hill shapes and sewed together.

The house may be my favorite scrap usage as the main portion of the house was one of my husband's shirts.

The whole mat folds to transport easily. I secured it with a large piece of blue felt and three buttons from my button jar.

As I am not a professional seamstress and I had no real plan or pattern, I think it turned out fairly well. There are certainly some things I could improve upon, but for the most part I am genuinely pleased by the effort and result.

Pairing the play mat with a few store bought toy cars will complete this gift. {Cars featured in the pictures were mine as a child. Now, my boys play with them.}
~ Dorie

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