April 9, 2013

How To Turn A Dress Into An Apron

My daughters have outgrown their little girl aprons.
Though we could have purchased new ones, I decided to try to take them.
Since I am not much of a seamstress, I decided to make it easy on myself.
After purging their closets, I thought I could take a couple of their old summer dresses and turn them into aprons.

I started with this blue dress.
It was still in good shape, but was now too short to be worn as a dress.

To make the basic shape, I simply cut near the seams.
The dress already had a tie, so I kept it intact. {Told you I was going easy on myself.}

Then, I folded over the cut edges twice and pinned.

A simple stitching on the machine, and I was done!

It was ready to be worn.

My other daughter requested I keep the top portion of her dress to apron.
Since I really didn't mind trying, I agreed.
This is how her apron turned out.

Again, I used as much of the dress as I could. Originally, the dress buttoned up the back. I cut the fabric to keep the top button. Then, I cut and sewed around the edges. This dress also had a tie which I retained for the apron.

Turns out my daughter told me this use to be one of her favorite summer dresses.
I'm glad she is able to keep wearing it in some fashion!
~ Dorie


  1. This is brilliant and so adorable :) Thanks for the ideas!!

  2. Dorie,
    These are so darling. What a wonderful way to get some extra wear out of dresses! Thank you for sharing this idea!


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