April 11, 2013

When You Live on Display

Our house sits on the corner.
We are visible to all.
Any movement outside, any coming or going, seen by all.
Simple acts like taking out the trash,
weeding the flower beds,
or getting the mail
can be seen by our countless neighbors.

Eating outdoors is a public event.

Playing croquette,
lighting a camp fire,
these too,
are all public events.

It's like living in a fish bowl.

But isn't this the way it is for all?

You don't need to live on a corner to know,
we all live on display.
Our very lives, actions, and words are seen and heard
by all who are near.
For better or for worse,
we display our character and beliefs through our every choice and action.

We are all on display.
Today, I ponder what are my life, my choices, my actions displaying?
Am I living to glorify the One who made me?
Or am I promoting myself?
~ Dorie

1 comment:

  1. Good reminder that we need to focus on Him and act like we love Him. Thank you, Dorie!


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