March 2, 2012

Letters to Our Children

Today, on an impromptu day off {very fly by the seat of our pants kinda day - always good to have a few of those, don't ya think?}, I hopped on the computer to read a few articles, and one thing led to another and today, I'm trying another round of 5 Minute Friday.  It's where Lisa-Jo from The Gypsy Mama starts the ball rolling with one topic.  We all have this one topic to write about for five minutes.  However, the greatest thing about it, and what I find so fascinating is everyone has such a different post, different angle, different take on the topic.  It is amazing to read what others write, and fun to try.  So, if you have time, hop on over to today's link-up, the topic is ache.

A few of the nuts and bolts: spelling and adding pictures after the five minutes is permitted.  {Good thing, because you so don't want to see how I really spell!}  I also formatted the post with some spaces after the five minutes, because, well, it was more visually appealing than my massive one paragraph original.


Who likes to think about it? 
Certainly not I, but it is a fact of life. 

One must face we will all walk this earth no more. 
Someday, our children will be without us. 

My heart aches to even ponder not being there.  When will it occur? 
Useless to think about. 
Only the Lord knows. 
He has our days written, known to Him, and Him alone. 

Do I need to spend precious moments wondering away,
or worse worrying away these brief days? 

Of course, my momma heart sometimes travels down the road of worry...
Will I be able to tell them all that I know, give them advice, in those moments when they need a word from momma?   What about his/her graduation day?  wedding day? when the first child is born? 

If I am not there to share the moment...oh how my heart aches to ponder such a thought. 

Yet, one day, I decided not to passively worry the days away.  No, I would instead do what I could to leave a little piece of me just in case.  I started writing them letters. 

I chose to put down the fears and pick up the pen, writing in one collective journal I hope never gets read, but ready for the possibility.  From time to time, I write in it, from the heart.  I tell them exactly what I hope and dream, but most importantly, I tell them what I am praying for them, for their future.  I want them to know. 

And, someday, if my days are shorter than the average, and I am not there, at least a few words will remain, words they will know I penned with a heart filled with love in preparation for their days and to hopefully ease their ache a little.
~ Dorie



  1. What a beautiful legacy you will leave them.

  2. oh yes! I have a journal for each of my children that I started as soon as I found out I was expecting them...and while I don't update it enough, I love having captured my mamma heart at that moment for them. Perhaps even if I live a long and full life, they will find comfort reading my love for them, written down. blessing to you as you do the same.

    1. Tara, I like how you have separate journals for each child, making it more personal. What a blessing for each child. And to have started when you were expecting, such beautiful time to start - right at the beginning!

  3. This is just wonderful! Stories, thoughts and ideas from your heart to leave to your children and grandchildren. Wonderful!

  4. I love that idea! Every now and then I wonder and worry if I'll miss a graduation or college or a wedding and my worry gets the better of me! I think this might ease my mind :)

  5. Great idea. I started doing this for our first and I got about 2 entries done... But I think it's brilliant. There are various books you can purchase that are "Mom's legacy" type books, but they never seem right for me. I think just pen to paper, from the heart is the way to go. Cassandra @

  6. You are one smart mama! My Dad used to write me letters and so I've picked up the torch and do the same for my kiddo's. I love that! They'll love it too.

    I have a note from my dad the day I was born complete with when then contractions started. Ha!


    1. Jessie, that is amazing - your dad's note from the day you were born - wow, what a treasure!

  7. I have a notebook for each...telling birth story, hopes, prayers, verses. However, I think one collective notebook would be better.


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