June 12, 2014

Keep Your Clothes Looking Good

Nasty, isn't it? Almost looks like vomit, or worse. Probably closer to the worse.
However, let me assure you - this is not bodily fluid of any type - human or animal.

It is residue from my washer machine.
Let me rephrase that.
It is from my oops, I forgot to clean the drum, filter, and seal, again, washer machine.

Sadly, this isn't the first time,

and it probably won't be the last.

You see, we use our washing machine (large capacity) on average 14 times each week. Remembering when to clean the filter, drum, and seal is easy. Finding a time when I and the washer machine are free, is next to impossible.


Here's the irony in all of this.
I had a post about keeping your clothing looking good sitting in my draft folder. For months. I wrote it after a friend commented on how nice I keep my family's clothing.

Your clothing is always in such good shape. She had said that. Even went on to say how I needed to give her tips about the upkeep of fabrics.

Um, yeah. obviously. I'm that good.

So after one thorough cleaning of the washing machine and three more individual washings of the sheets and accompanying blanket, I felt I could share those tips with you. Since now I'm such an expert and all. Well, I do have crisp, clean sheets now...

12 Tips to Keeping Your Clothes Looking Good
  1. Read care instructions and follow them
  2. Use mild detergent - no dyes, no perfumes (your skin will thank you)
  3. Use less detergent (more is not better)
  4. Hand wash delicates
  5. Place delicates and clothing made of loose woven material flat to dry, place a towel under it if necessary to collect the drips
  6. Hang dry clothing - hang in a shady area or inside to prevent fading (do not pull it tight on line while it is wet - stretches material prematurely)
  7. Wash dark clothing inside out (dye will run back onto the good side keeping colors bright for longer)
  8. Spot clean if necessary (pretreat all stains as soon as possible)
  9. Start with durable clothing - whenever possible purchase or obtain clothing made of good quality materials)
  10. Mend and repair when necessary
  11. Use the power of the sun to brighten whites (hang a line in a sunny spot over green grass - it will brighten your whites)
  12. Above all, wash your washing machine according to the instructions in your owner's manual (I added this tip after the above incident)

~ Dorie

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