January 22, 2013

A Birthday Party with a Shakespeare Flair

The year has gone too quickly. Her birthday approached and passed. We chose to wait almost a month to celebrate. With a birthday during the Christmas season, we like to wait for her party.

A month ago, we discussed possible themes for her celebration. Most seemed too young for a girl of twelve. We decide to list her preferences, wondering if one of these would suit a birthday party theme. Two excited her, and both involved books or authors.

In the end, she decided on Shakespeare! I was thrilled for about two weeks. After two weeks, I tried to find some birthday party ideas with a Shakespearean theme and found hardly anything at all. Which led to panic and an internet search on all things Shakespeare.

In the end, we decided to do an elegant, feminine birthday party with a Shakespearean flair.

Last week, I described how we made the floral crowns for all the fair maidens who attended the party. Each girl who attended received one and was encouraged to wear it during the party.


Aside from the floral crowns, we made paper booklets and brochures for the guests.
The youngest guests received a full size booklet we had made. {Inspiration found here.}
I found free clip art here and word puzzles here.
Then, we aged the papers and sewed them together. Directions for aging paper here and here.
Then, older guests received tri-folded brochures. I included party events like the food and games and a few trivia games which I made.
Both the booklets and brochures were placed in a shallow basket.
The rose was added on whim.
We had it left over from the flower crowns we had made earlier. {Link to that post is here.} 
The basket had a damaged section near the handle. Through this hole, we slipped the silk rose.
Not only did it cover the damaged portion, it looked simple and elegant.
Using quotes, I printed off several of Shakespeare's most famous quotes.
Again, we aged the pages.
Then, I pierced holes in some. We threaded purple ribbon through the holes, and then added
a crepe flower. {A post outlining how to make crepe paper flowers is found here.}
These were hung from lamp posts and door knobs.
One special quote, I adhered to black paper and framed in an old frame we had in the attic.
Then I hung it in the dining room for the duration of the party.
{shined the silver serving dishes}

{attempted a few new recipes}
{served pretzel rods from our fancy glasses}
{tried to make Scottish Eggs healthier by baking them}
{used china whenever possible for serving dishes}
I researched foods of the Shakespearean time period, and tried to incorporate a few.
In the end, we went with a menu of a English/Shakespearean/food we would eat.
The Menu:
Mixed Nuts
Cheese Dip and Pretzel Rods
Fresh Vegetables
(carrots, cauliflower, cucumber, and radishes)
Peach Jam
Ale (aka Ginger Ale)
Beer (aka Root Beer)
Hot Cocoa
Aside from the word games we handed out, we set up a wooden chess board,
and laid out a few more games like Nine Men's Morris.
We had planned outdoor games including
Leap Frog, Stool Ball, Run the Maze, and Hoodman Blind.
{I found ideas for games here.}
 Due to a very muddy back yard, we opted to clear the floor of our back room,
and play the games inside instead. For the most part it worked, but outdoor games
are always played best with more room. However, the children had fun.
Earlier, I found a beautiful picture of a cake with writing on the side.
Since then I have lost the link, but remembered the idea.
Borrowing on their idea, my daughter chose a slight variation on Shakespeare's famous
 "To be, or not to be" and asked me to write "To eat, or not to eat" on the side of her cake.
She wanted a pale green iced cake with light writing. Sticking to the elegant and feminine party,
I purchased premade flowers at a local bakery supply store to decorate the cake.
The rest, whether good or bad, was made by me.
Looking at the picture with the candles, I now wish we had gone with all white candles...
For party favors, we made coin purses.
We picked up small tulle favor bags from the dollar store.
Each bag was filled with gold and silver wrapped candies.
The girls' favors were tied with an additional ribbon
which had a silver charm attached to it.
Overall, I am happy with the results of our elegant, feminine birthday party
with a Shakespearean flair for our daughter, and more importantly so is she.
~ Dorie

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  1. What an awesome birthday party! I'm thirty and would love a party like that.

  2. Wow - so creative :) That cake turned out lovely!

  3. wow! now that is original! i'm sure she will never forget it either!!!

  4. I appreciate how she found an appropriate theme...and you found a unique way to incorporate it! :) Well done!


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