January 14, 2013

In a Pinch

We were in a pinch.
The roast was cooking.
The table was set for New Year's Day dinner in blue, silver, and white.
Our wedding china graced the table.
All we needed were the silver napkin rings,
but they were completely tarnished.
To make matters worse,
we couldn't find the silver polish,
and sought an alternative, a home remedy.

One was found!

My youngest daughter and I gathered the napkin rings, cloths, and toothpaste.
With a bit of wonder, and a minty smell,
 we gently rubbed toothpaste all over the rings.
After a few minutes, our napkin rings shined.
The dinner setting was complete.

Oh, and I found the silver polish the next day!
~ Dorie


  1. Great solution! As I was reading this I remember my Dad using toothpaste as a polish. Not sure I would have remembered in the moment, though!

  2. As a teen I always used toothpaste on my silver jewelry. I wore MUCh more jewelry then than these days.


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