January 10, 2013

Easy to Make Flower Crowns

For an upcoming birthday party, my daughter and I made flower crowns. (Inspiration found here.) They will be worn by four cousins who happen to have birthdays spread throughout the year, about one per season. Each flower crown was made to reflect a season, the one closest to their individual birthdays.

At first, I wasn't sure how we would make them, but decided to take a trip to our local dollar store to hunt for reasonably priced (cheap) supplies. What treasures we found! There were already made plain willow wreaths of various sizes. My daughter was quite the sport and tried on numerous ones until we found four we thought were sized correctly. Then, we found fake flower bouquets of different flowers. Some supplies I knew we had at home were autumn colored fake flowers, ribbons, scissors, and floral tape.

The following day, my daughter and I sat down with our supplies and made all four flower crowns.

To Make A Flower Crown:
  • grape vine or willow wreaths of appropriate size
  • fake, silk, or fabric flowers (could use real ones, fresh or dried)
  • ribbons (coordinating colors)
  • scissors
  • floral tape


1. cut apart all floral bouquets into individual flowers

2. determine the best fit on a head for the wreath

3. tidy the wreath (weave stray pieces of the wreath if necessary)

4. arrange flowers on top of the wreath in a pattern
(leave enough room for ribbons if desired)

5. move flowers, in order, off the wreath (retain the pattern)

6. weave each flower individually into wreath

7. secure, when necessary, flower stems to wreath with floral tape

8. cut length of ribbon (about 2 1/2 times longer than you want)

9. tie onto wreathe using a Windsor tie knot (or a another knot)

10. Done!

Our Flower Crowns



  1. You could write an ebook about unique birthday parties! Incredible!!

    1. Seems like my children are always picking out of the box themes, which leads to a slight challenge in planning. I must confess to being a bit stumped on which direction to go with this latest theme, but am just trying to put together things the birthday girl likes.

  2. These look adorable!! What a great idea :)

  3. how special! i love the personalized seasons...and the inexpensive deal!


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