January 21, 2013

Defining Something Important

I see a photograph, and wish I could have taken it. Full of emotion and meaning, it is the kind of photograph I'd like to take some day. It seems really important to a lot of people.

Reading another article, I sigh. I wish I could have written it. The topic, the candor, the truth it imparts is meaningful. It seems really important to a lot of people.

The missionary takes the microphone. He tells of far away places and people. The work hard, but rewarding. It is really important to share the Gospel.

The ministry team launches a new campaign, seeking more souls to serve in the new year. The local impact could be great. It is really important to reach our communities for Jesus.

I am not a part of any of these.

I am a mom,
an ordinary mom.

Today, I will...
make yet another meal,
clean spilt milk for the thousandth time,
load the washer beyond capacity again,
scrub mud encased feet and foot printed floors,
wipe runny noses and clean wounded knees.

Normal everyday occurrences and tasks for any mom.

However, I've learned nothing is normal and ordinary with the Lord.
For not only am I caring for the physical bodies of our children,
but the Lord has entrusting me {and my husband} to nurture and grow their souls in Him.
He wants me to reach and teach their hearts to love and follow Him.

He has asked me to pour my life into these young souls.

And, He doesn't ask me to do something He wouldn't do.
In fact, all He asks of me, He has done, does, or will do.

For when I...
  • cuddle a crying child, wiping tears from cheeks, I remember He will wipe away ours.
  • smile and cheer a child onward, I remember He encourages us on to greater things.
  • when I rub the back of a frustrated teen, who is learning how to navigate the world, I remember His gentle ways.
  • when I kneel beside and for the child beside me, pleading with words of love and hope, I remember His prayer for us.

So the next time I think, I wish I were doing something important,
I need to remember, I already am.
~ Dorie


  1. Oh Girl!!!! Beyond important... and you do take photos full of emotion and art, and you write with amazing transparency that rocks and changes my world. I am a better person for all that you share. Thank you!

  2. A beautifully written post. God is blessing your children through you.

  3. What a beautiful post. Everything we do is important, that's why we should take great care. Thank you for sharing :) Have a wonderful day!


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