January 25, 2013

Again or A Gain

{It's Friday - time for 5 Minute Friday at Lisa-Jo's. This week's prompt: Again}

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"Ajen, ajen!" our curly haired toddler squealed.
It was sheer abandonment of all pretenses. His pleaure evident. His desire obvious.
Whether it was sledding, being pulled around in a wagon, or sitting on daddy's shoulders, it was always the same. If he liked it, he wanted more. He wanted it again, and again, and again.
Variety was not desired, and it could not be forced.
He was happy and he wanted it to continue.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Are we any different?
Wanting the Lord to continue to bless us again and again in the same ways because we like it.
But what if He wants us to grow in an area, and to do so the blessings cannot remain the same.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

But snow melts, and legs and shoulders tire.

Good times end.
Seasons change, and so did he.
He sleds on his own, doesn't fit in a wagon, and walks the stairs on his own accord.
His deep man-boy-voice no longer squeals, "Ajen, ajen!"

We stood in the foyer. "I could come back then," he volunteers without consulting me. I glance up, shocked. The day in question was already full. I had no time to spare. What did he mean he could return? There was no physical way I could get him there. It's not that I wanted to deny him a fun time. It just wasn't possible.

Besides, we don't always say yes. With four active, social children, there can be a lot of juggling and car trips. And, not everyone can do everything they want all the time.

There is only so much time in the day and gas in the tank.

Give and take is necessary in our family.
With it, we learn to put others before ourselves and our desires.
We grow and change.

Sometimes not doing something again is A Gain.


Disclaimer: Five minutes to write, and an additional five minutes to add some of my archived pictures to the words and links to the community.
~ Dorie

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  1. Such a powerful post out of five minutes of your day!

  2. Sometimes not doing something is a gain... such a smart twist on words and SO TRUE!


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