October 7, 2010

A Little Variety

It's always the nevers that get you. 

I said I'd never give my children candy...
that lasted until the oldest was able to have lollipops. 

I said I'd never blog...
well, you can see how that one ended. 

The best and most current is
I said I'll never write about what we eat for lunch.
Never, ever. 

However, as with all 'nevers' I should know by now...
they never last! 

This week The HomeSchool Village is asking readers to link-up with lunch ideas.  Specifically, to discuss how do you get out of the sandwich and soup rut?  Well, I suppose we are riding in the one wheel rut as I never thought to add soup to the daily menu.  Our daily sandwiches do at times, result in boredom for the children.  I've tried varying the types of sandwiches: one day peanut butter and jelly, another day peanut butter and honey, another day cheese, and so on.  Then, the pleading for no more sandwiches began.  Can't we have something else?

My dear children, yes, you can! 

That's when we started taking a day off from sandwiches every once in awhile.  These are the days I hard boil some eggs and make muffins.  The eggs and muffins are served with fruit and cheese.  This offers our children a relatively healthful meal and the variety they desire.  Well, healthful until the candy is served for dessert!
This post is linked to The HomeSchool Village for the Link Up Lunch.


  1. Cute picture by the way...

    We have PBJ or eggs for lunch except on weekends. Yep. The hard boiled eggs along with muffin is a good idea!

    Do you have a favorite muffin or two?

  2. Eggs are my little one's favorites, so they go over well for a lunch, too! Yesterday we had pancake men, like Laura Ingall's Ma made. :-)

  3. Muffins, fruit, and cheese sound like a great lunch to me. I like your blog and am your new follower too. :)


  4. That's a neat idea for the lunches. The muffins look tasty! Sometimes I take the lunchmeat and roll it up and then use my cookie cutters to cut out different shapes of cheeses and then just serve some crackers or cut-up veggies and fruits with it. And, we like to use dinner leftovers sometimes too.

  5. I love that idea, yum!

  6. Thanks for sharing! The pancake men and shaped meat sound great. I'll have to try them on a non-sandwich day.

    The muffin in the picture is "Orange Kissed Chocolate Chip Muffins" or so I call them. I have a basic muffin recipe that I just add the extras to change it up a bit. Hands down, my absolute favorite are pumpkin muffins - which oddly enough have their own recipe (not my basic muffin recipe).

  7. Mary thank you for your kind words and following this blog.

  8. That sounds wonderful! Muffins with a protein and some fruit would work here too. Thanks for the idea!


  9. You know what, we could totally do that! :) Thanks for the idea!

  10. Yummy! My boys love muffins...hard-boiling eggs not so much. They love scrambled eggs though...wrapped in a tortilla and a little salsa! Thank you for sharing. ;0)


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