October 8, 2010

That's Just Ducky!

Throughout our preschooler's farm study unit, I have included a few lessons that focus on a specific farm animal.  Previously, I shared about his sheep lesson.  This time we focused on ducks. 

I read aloud several books about ducks.  Two of his favorites were DK's Watch Me Grow: Duckling and Do Like a Duck Does!

Duckling (Watch Me Grow)Do Like a Duck Does!

The first, Watch Me Grow: Duckling explores the growth of a duckling starting with the egg.  Our son was fascinated with the changes of the duck and his experiences on each page. 

The second book has a comical tone, and discussed duck behaviors.  Do Like a Duck Does! has a wonderful cadence for reading aloud.  The rhythm and rhyme flow easily.  The book's basic theme is about a fox attempting to join a duck family by pretending to be a duck.  The duck 'imposter' obviously does not fit in, causing our son laughed at the antics of the fox.

Following our read alouds, I helped my son complete a simple duck picture. 

To complete the same project, gather these supplies.

Blue paper for background
Yellow felt cut into an oval, circle, and triangle
Orange foam cut into two triangles, two rectangles, and one half oval
Brown yarn
Tan pipe cleaners
Blue cellophane for water
Glue (stick and bottle)
Black fabric marker

1.  Assemble duck body and head by pasting yellow felt oval and circle onto blue paper.
2.  Paste bill (1/2 oval shape of orange foam) onto appropriate spot of duck's head.
3.  Color an eye on the duck's head using a black fabric marker, and draw a line on the duck's bill.
4.  Paste orange foam rectangles on oval for legs.
5.  Paste orange foam triangles on legs for feet.
6.  Using a glue stick, paste the blue cellophane for water over the bottom portion of the page.
7.  Add wing by gluing it on top of the 'water' to make the duck look like he is floating in the water.
8.  Glue pipe cleaners on top of the 'water'.
9.  Place an oval-shapped dab of glue above several pipe cleaners
10. Cut a small piece of the brown yarn to wind in a flat oval shape.  Place brown yarn on the glue dab.
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  1. That duck picture is absolutely adorable!

  2. That duck picture is SO CUTE!!! :)

  3. Oh what a cute duck picture! The cattails are a wonderful addition.
    I came over from JDaniel4sMom.

  4. Thanks for that cute duck craft. I am going to use it when we do our pond life week. Thanks for recently visiting my blog too.

  5. I love how you can see his feet swimming. What a cute duck! The books sound like fun JDaniel would love to see the fox pretending to be a duck.

    Thanks for linking to Read.Explore.Learn.

  6. The water was very clever! Very cute!!

  7. Love the duck picture. Looks like a couple of books I can look into for our letter D.
    I found your blog through the Read, Explore, Learn

  8. Love, love, love the duck artwork! We raised a duck this Spring and my little ones still love anything ducky. They would love this!

  9. Oh for sweet! I love it.

  10. What's not to love about ducks? :) I love the duck craft/puzzle you did.

  11. LOVE the duck craft!!! So very cute!

    Visiting you from ABC and 123 Show & Tell!

  12. This is such a sweet felt and foam craft, we featured it in tomorrow's post:)

  13. Thank you ABC and 123 for featuring this craft. My son really enjoyed listening to the books and making the picture. I hope other little ones will have just as much fun with it as well.


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