June 16, 2014

More Thunder and Lightning

Another storm wants to roll in with more thunder and lightning. And rain.
We don't need any more rain.
The ground is over saturated.
Our twice flooded garden sags leaves.

Temps remain mild, but humidity rises as sweat rains down our backs just walking to the mailbox.

Weather gone crazy in this northeasterly part.
Each time it rains, water rolls down the lawn and into the streets making a new river which crests near our fence.

The boys next door play basketball in their swim trunks and bare feet.
My children roll about on two wheels through the make shift street river.
Laughter rises with water.

An ice cream truck sings to customers two streets over.
The sky darkens and rumbles.

A faint breeze lifts the humidity.
Cool air finds it way in.
Sweet relief from sweat for a few moments.
This is bliss.

Lightning zigzags through the clouds.
"Time to go in," I call as drops fall from the sky.
~ Dorie

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