July 15, 2014

Christmas in July?

Technically, it was January when we made these. Alas, it is now that I post it!

For Christmas {in just five months} the children will give these little felt tree ornaments as gifts to relatives near and far.

These were inspired by an idea from Pinterest. Our children did the majority of the work. I helped with a few of the steps.

All the materials we had on hand. We did have to use a variety of green felt since we were using what we had, but we were sure to match the felt colors for each individual tree. Also, some of the tree trunks are cranberry, but others are a deep purple. We matched the hanging ribbon to correspond with each individual tree.
Buttons were excess buttons from our button jar. The thread we used was originally bought for AWANA badge sewing. Since we have only used a bit of the entire spool, we had plenty to use for attaching the buttons.

Originally, we used wide tree trunks, but once we began sewing them together, we all thought some would look better with a thinner tree trunk. We adjusted the width of about half of them. Leaving the wider trunks for variety.

For the button placement, I marked a tiny dot with a Sharpie marker. The children then sewed a button over that spot.

Since these are for Christmas, we wrapped them loosely in pieces of wax paper for storage.
~ Dorie

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