February 11, 2014

Easy to Make Hot Pads

Yes, another easy to make sewing project.

I think I have found my comfort level using the sewing machine, and quite frankly I don't know if I want to be challenged to do more...

After all, I kind of like the simplicity of easy to make sewing projects, even if most are rated at beginner level.

Not only are these types of projects easy for a complete novice like me, they are easy for me to help my daughters do. {Though let's be honest, my daughters will soon be ready to surpass me in sewing skills.}

Our most recent project was hot pads. I found this instructional. After determining which fabric scraps we had and could use, we set about to follow the simple instructions. In no time we had completed five hot pads.

These we have set aside for Christmas gifts. Since Christmas is many months away, we wrapped each hot pad in wax paper and placed them in a drawer for storage. We were sure to mark each hot pad as my daughters had definite opinions as to whom should receive which hot pad.

I'm not sure what we will pair it with, yet. I like the idea of creating a little basket or gift bag of kitchen related items. I am pondering this Rosemary-Infused Sea Salt, dried basil from our summer garden {if we can grow enough}, and other kitchen items. Any suggestions? 
~ Dorie

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