December 30, 2013

Homemade Christmas Gifts

When I think of the many gifts exchanged through the years, I try to remember which ones were the most fun to give, or receive. And, what made them the best gifts? For me, it was the thought, effort, and time another put into the giving of the gift. Consequently, the gifts I like to give the most are the ones I, too, have put the most thought, effort, and time into.

This past Christmas, I have been on my typical quest for giving homemade gifts. Though all the gifts were not homemade, a good portion of them were.

Gifts Made by Our Children
The children painted round ornaments. Later, inspired by this idea, they dipped their fingers in paints and dotted flowers all over them.

Our youngest made red and white beaded candy canes using the pipe cleaner and bead supplies we had on hand.

We also tried our hand at making homemade hot cocoa mix. The children loved the results. {Honestly, I wasn't overtly impressed, but am hoping the recipients are, because really, their opinion is the one that matters.}

Past homemade Christmas gifts our children have given are here, here, and here.
I am currently collecting other ideas for our children for next year.

Gifts Made by Me
This year, I tried to sew bags and a blanket from old denim.

{read about these two bags here}

{read about it here}

Finally, I compiled some of my photographs into a book. Using a tutorial, I created and ordered a printed book. {For the record, I was a tad nervous to give this one, but they were well received.}

Now that the gift giving is done, I am trying to plan ahead for next year. My current collection of homemade gift ideas is growing here.
~ Dorie

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