January 2, 2014

Ringing In the New Year

{and turning on the comments!}

Sometimes, quiet is necessary, even vital. But then that season passes and another replaces it.

Lately, I've been feeling hurried and uninspired to write. Though I have never stopped sharing our family life, I haven't been inspired to write the thoughts I ponder. Perhaps because there are so many.

As we turn the page to a new calendar year, these thoughts keep whirling in my head {for life in general}:

Time passes. One year replaces another.

What this year holds, who can tell?
Certainly, not I, but today, and every day of 2014,
I want to choose to live it to the fullest in whatever capacity I can.

May your days of 2014 be full of goodness, hope, and love!
~ Dorie

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