October 9, 2012

When It Is OK to Focus on the Negative

Focusing on the negative isn't necessarily something I like to do. 
I'd much rather see the good. 

However, there are times when it is actually beneficial to consider the negative.

After all, what I am not helps me define who I am.
Areas I am not talented or gifted in are not areas I should seek opportunities of importance.
Roles that I do not fill are responsibilities I do not need to shoulder.

Anytime I try to step outside the boundaries of my roles, talents, and gifts, I must seriously consider if this is my doing or the Lord's. 

Am I walking in faith outside my comfort zone, or am I somewhere I have no business being? 

Only with prayer, wise counsel, and careful consideration will I know.
~ Dorie

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  1. Ahh...wise words, my friend. And so timely, as I am trying to decide to jump in and help or step back. Thank you!


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