May 22, 2013

When You Want to Rest

He knows how to rest. In fact, quite often, I interrupt his rest, but he's never annoyed by my actions. He gives me that look. The one seen above. He waits, moves if asked, goes if told. All without ever complaining.

Oh, if only I were so obedient and trusting.

I'm not sure I know how to rest. I try. Every Sabbath I make a conscious effort to rest. Every evening, I do the same. At night, my head hits the pillow and I, for the most part, easily sleep away the hours which come morning seem ever so short. But if I am honest, it is more of a crashing than a resting.

Days can be overflowing, and even exhausting. For our family, we have begun to slow down. Yet this slowing down seems unnatural.

After all, it seems counter-culture to slow down. Busyness is what our society expects. No, our culture demands it by celebrating and idolizing busyness.

And, I, for one, am refusing to bow down.

I want more for my family than empty busyness. I want purposeful activities and events. I want times of rewarding labor and refreshing rest. I want to travel onward on these ancient paths, following His will for our family.

~ Dorie

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  1. I am bad at resting but I wonder, for me, if part of that is bc I sometimes get too distracted during my work times...takes longer.

    (So checking email during clean the kitchen time...not a good idea...things like that. Today I spent hours cleaning out the little one's bedroom...bins to the basement -that weren't even in the closet- some outgrown toys, made the bed -big kids play in it-and so on. Being contained to ONE room to clean is good for me!)

    This afternoon...I want to lie down and read or nap!


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