October 25, 2012

Using It All or Storing Some Until Later

It is true.  I admit it.  Over the course of three, maybe four, years, I have worn these shoes twice.  That is one time plus the second time I donned them last week.
1 + 1 = 2
Two times.
Brand new shoes.
Three, maybe four, years.
Twice worn.
I know.

There are children without any shoes
walking dusty, dirty streets lined in sewage,
and I have not just a plethora of shoes to cover my feet,
but shoes I haven't even really worn!

Honestly, I forgot I had them. 
These ordinary sneakers were so neatly stuffed into our white cubbie hole shoe organizer, I kept overlooking them. They weren't bright green. They don't have a heel for fancy wearing. They aren't even sneakers for running.
No, they are really just plain.
Ordinary white shoes got overlooked
for three, maybe four, years. 

Which made me wonder...
What else have I been overlooking,
neatly storing away in lieu of using?

Are there materials, talents, and gifts for me to use
sitting and waiting for me to remember or notice?

Could it be there are some materials and talents which aren't being used?  Maybe they aren't the flashiest and are easily overlooked? Perhaps they don't show off as well as others' gifts, and hardly anyone would notice them being used?

What ordinary materials and talents have I keeping instead of using?

Immediately, I think of a few talents and interests I always say I want to find time for, but never do. Am I the man burying his treasure?  Not using all that I have been given?  Wasting my talents and interests? Or worse, am I the man building more barns to fill?

But I wonder...

Is this just a busy time in my life? Obviously, God wants me to use my time to be a good wife and mother to our children.  He has blessed me with a husband and children. 

Will God grant me time and resources to use those talents and interests after this busy season of life? Are they just on pause?  Perhaps it is just a bit of dust on the shelf, easily blown off, and ready to be useful when one season passes to another.

Or maybe, just maybe, He wants to lead me down the path to use those talents right now, in ways I never dreamed? Perhaps, I can use these talents now, if only I will take the time to listen and follow.
~ Dorie

Have too many shoes?  Do you, like me, have a pair which you hardly wear? 
Perhaps a better place for your shoes can be found here: Shoes 2 Share


  1. wow... what a great post....and what a reminder to me.. Thank you for the link to shoes 2 share...just what i needed for my Thursday morning

  2. amen! i couldn't agree more :D


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