September 5, 2013

Taking the Time to Read

Smack dab in the middle of a park, set on a flat area near the river banks, the fountain dominates the area. A crumbling marble sculpture of women, children, lions, and fish contrasts the lush green trees.

Literally, we've passed this fountain a dozen times.

Though I've checked the shallow water before letting the children play in,
I've never really checked out the fountain itself.

Honestly, it always seemed a bit....well, ugly to me.
I'm sure in some circle it is a breathless beauty, but I couldn't see it.

As we walked about it, my daughter and I, we started reading the engraved words.
I was startled. For it said:

"Art built on sand, the works of pride, and human passion change and fall, but that which shares the life of God with him surviveth all."

Finally, I was stunned by the fountain,
and found the beauty of it in its words.
~ Dorie

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