January 23, 2012

Have a Seat

For about eight months now, I have been without a desk chair.
Instead, I used a chair height stool.
It worked, but wasn't the most comfortable.

This summer, my husband found two chairs for free.
They were a bit beat up and in need of repair.
Desperate need of repair.

The initial attempt to repair the chair failed, and it was back to the drawing board.
Finally, the Drummer took apart the entire chair,
replaced wood pieces, sanded, reassembled, and stained it.

We then went to the fabric store to pick out new fabric {which I love!} for the new seat cushion.

After two trips to use coupons {50% off!} and an hour of stapling and finishing {my contribution}, the chair is done!

Our new chair makes sitting at my desk quite comfy, and
will serve as an extra chair in the dining room for guests as well.

Now, onto the second chair...it too will be repaired, sanded, stained, and dressed up to serve as an extra chair in the dining room.
~ Dorie

...continuing my gratitude listing...

901.  finding free chairs

902.  the Drummer fixing one of those free chairs

903.  reasonably priced fabric and cushions

904.  50% off coupons

905.  feeling free to try new things {like wrapping the cushion in fabric}

906.  being OK with my efforts not being perfect

907.  fresh, sweet strawberries in the middle of winter

908.  youngest daughter enjoying gymnastics class

909.  quietness on a Tuesday afternoon

910.  less out of the house appointments and commitments this past week

911.  finding a simple cookie recipe on the back of a brownie mix box

912.  taking a walk beside a pond with my children one frigid afternoon

913.  watching geese walk on the ice

914.  not being late, despite no access to a clock

915.  hot chocolate warming cold throats

916.  snuggling under thick blankets

917.  a measurable snowfall

918.  children delightfully playing in the snow

919.  children volunteering to shovel our sidewalks to extend their time out in the snow

920.  children helping the neighbors shoveling their driveways

...and so it continues...


  1. What a beautiful chair! And I love your gratitude list!

    1. Thanks Marla! We are looking forward to completing the other one.

  2. It's really pretty! Your fabric choice is lovely, and any imperfections must be well hidden!

    1. You are too kind - the corners were really hard for me! I had to crease the fabric a bit to work around them.

  3. PS. You are nearly there....to 1,000.


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