January 24, 2012

Making Them Feel Special

Why, when it doesn't cost much time, money or energy...
don't I follow through as often as I like?

Because really, it doesn't have to take a long time,
or cost a lot of money,
or use too much effort,
to make them feel special each and every day. 

Adding a bit of whimsy to a meal with a special syrup pitcher that was just sitting in the cabinet...took only a few minutes.

A choice to use kind, complimentary words rather than constant critique...is free.

Baking cookies from a brownie mix and a few extra ingredients...required minimal effort.

It is something I hope to do more and more
each and every day.

Since I am always on the lookout for ideas...
What are some ways you make your children/loved ones feel special?
~ Dorie


  1. This wouldn't apply to you, but I like notes in the lunch box. M really loves encouragement of all kinds...but I am also so bad at it.

    Sometimes an "I Love You" out of no where is good too...

    1. Great ideas, Annette! Thanks for sharing them. And, I think maybe I could use the lunch box idea for co-op when we pack a lunch. Or, maybe a note in a suitcase when they go overnight to a friend's house...

  2. Such simple things bring the most pleasure :) I love adding fresh flowers - even just a stem to our table, or bringing out the *fancy* tablecloth just because :)

    1. Fresh flowers - beautiful idea. That is definitely something I could do. Thanks, Aurie!

  3. I am trying to do the same thing, show my love every day with special little things. One thing that my girls love is when I make foods in fun shapes; it shows them that I am thinking about them as I am cooking. I also leave notes on the bathroom mirror for my husband. Finally, I am trying to take time to say "yes" when requests are made of me.

    1. My children like to 'play' with their food by using blueberries to make a smiling face in their yogurt bowls, and drawing pictures with the ketchup over their scrambled eggs. S0, I really like the food in fun shapes idea! I hope to make the snowman with bananas you shared the other day.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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