September 3, 2012

Why God Doesn't Call Us to DO Everything

Have you ever wondered why God doesn't call us to do everything?....Some may say we need community.  We are built to live with one another.  No one person is greater than another.  Each person is valuable. 

Yes, I agree, but what about personally, on an individual basis?
Have you ever wondered why God limited us to a set 24 hours a day?  to a specific area to call home?  to a finite time on earth? to specific jobs just for us to do every single day?

It is something I ponder from time to time. Over the past year, I have carefully considered these four reasons.

We can not all be talented in every thing.  Therefore, we can not do every thing.
{I Corinthians 12}

Perhaps to grow responsibility in our hearts by doing what He's calls us, not another, to do.
{Matthew 25:14-30}

Maybe He desires an increase in our perseverance through trials, triumphs, tests, and dare I add our own limitations?
{James 1}

However, I think the primary reason just might be so that....
We know our priorities and make better choices with our time and resources to do the specific jobs He has called us to do.
{Proverbs 31, Titus 2}

And, this possible primary reason is why I lay down my own desires, my own to-do-list time and time again.  So, I may focus on His calling for my life each and every day.
~ Dorie


  1. Great post, Dorie. I needed to read that today!

  2. Such a gentle reminder that I needed to read today. Thank you!

  3. that is one beautiful photograph.. and such timely words for me.... and so many times I want to do it all... Blessings, dear friend and enternal thanks!


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