August 29, 2012

Change Is in the Air

"Things change," he emphatically tells his grandma, "that's what Mommy says."

It's true.  I have said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again, because things do change. Seasons change. The world changes. Our day to day responsibilities change as we grow, get a job, marry, have children, or move.  As much as part of me wants everything to remain the same, I know it won't. 

But I know that often change is a good thing.

As the autumn air begins to gently mix with these hot humid days of summer, the seasonal change seems slow, but we know it is there. It will happen.

Just like our weather changes, seasons in our lives come and go.  Some return and some pass on forever, only to be traveled once.  Sometimes, we know they are coming, we can see the buds forming in spring or the leaves changing color in the fall.  Our lives are like that as well. Right now, I can see the changes in my life starting.  We have always homeschooled, but as we begin a new year, things are different. We now have four children being 'officially' schooled at home. Our youngest just started kindergarten. The span I teach goes all the way through to 8th grade.  In a few more short years, another change will happen, as our oldest graduates.

Change happens whether I want it to or not. Most of the time, the only choice I have is my attitude.  Do I lament, missing what is gone? Or, will I embrace the new season, anticipating all its possibilities?
~ Dorie

"For everything there is a season,
and a time for every matter under heaven:"

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