December 19, 2013

A Bit Mean? Perhaps

Every year, we place the gifts below the tree about a week before Christmas.

And, every year, when the packages first appear, the children scramble to find their three paper wrapped gifts labeled with their name. They lift, shake, and maybe even squeeze the gifts to guess what each package holds. Honestly, we don't mind one bit! We aren't trying to surprise them with the latest gadget or fad. We give simple, modest gifts. Usually the three gifts fall into something to read, wear, and play {code words for a book, a shirt, and a toy}. This year it is something to read, play, and use.

However, this Christmas, we decided to mess with them a bit.

We wrapped all the gifts, but did not label a single one.

All are wrapped in brown paper and tied with bows. Not one has a label.

The morning after we had placed all the gifts about the tree, four children scampered down the steps and began shifting all the gifts.

"Hey, there's no tags!"

"Which ones are mine?"

"Mom, why aren't there any names on the packages?"

~ Dorie

{Our system: girls have brown paper with white flowers and boys have brown paper with stars. Each child then has one type of ribbon tied about each of their gifts.}

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