December 15, 2010

Homemade Gifts by Our Children

Each year, we try to find gifts
that the children can make to give to others.
This year, my two favorite gifts they have made (with some help) are...

tree shaped crayons for young friends and cousins


chocolate candy including chocolate covered pretzels and
snowflake shaped peppermint bark.

These gifts were very easy to complete
with the children doing most of the work.
(I had melting duties.  I melted the crayons in the oven,
and the chocolate and candy wafers in the microwave. 
The children did all the creative work.)

For the tree shaped crayons,
we followed directions found on line for making crayons,
but used the tree shape molds instead.

For the chocolate covered pretzel squares,
we melted vanilla candy wafers and coated one half of each pretzel,
allowed it to cool,
then coated the other half with melted chocolate wafers and allowed to cool.

For the chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzels,
we dipped peanut butter filled pretzels in melted milk chocolate
and allowed it to cool.

For the snowflake shaped peppermint bark candy,
we crushed peppermint flavored candy canes into small pieces and
mixed them with melted vanilla candy wafers.
This was scooped into snowflake shaped molds and allowed to cool.
Then, we melted milk chocolate wafers and placed some on top.
Once it cooled, the candies could be removed and packaged.

~ Tomorrow, I will share a craft they made completely on their own. 
I only gathered the supplies for them. ~


  1. love the tree crayons! what a sweet little gift. thank you! {from iFellowship}

  2. Thanks for these awesome ideas! I had never thought about using Christmas molds for crayons. Blessings!

  3. Ooh...I really like making the crayons! How creative!! That is something Sophie would be able to do - thanks so much for posting!

  4. Your crayons are really neat! Great idea, especially using the silicon molds. Brilliant.

    My girls will love them. Thanks!

    ...And thanks also for your encouraging comment on my post last week. Praise the Lord that He can use our weaknesses to bless others.

  5. What great handmade gifts. They look so nice all packaged up.


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