December 18, 2014

Homemade Gifts for this Year

Every year, we try to give some homemade gifts. This year, with a frugal mindset, I hoped to give more homemade than ever. However, I wanted to keep it simple. Below is a round up of our homemade gifts this year.

For the Christmas tree felt ornaments, our children cut triangles and rectangles for the basic shape of a tree. Buttons were sewn onto the front for ornaments. Trees were assembled with a bit of cotton stuffing to round them slightly. {Full post here.}

An easy project to complete using water color paper and sketch paper. Paint a design on a single sheet of water color paper. Allow to dry completely. Fold in half. Gather a few pieces of sketch paper and carefully crease each one. Place inside the water color cover. Sew straight up the center. Tape the outside. {Full post here.}

Colorful hot pads were made from fabric scraps. Inspiration and instructions found here.

Looking for an economical way to make Christmas gift tags, I turned to last year's Christmas cards. Some were easier than others to use for this project. {Full post here.} An alternative idea using name tag labels can be found here.

Years ago, I made my nieces doll quilts. However, I wasn't so sure a doll quilt would be a good idea for a rough and tumble boys. Instead I used fabric scraps, and created a portable toy car mat for my nephew. {Full post here.}

To freshen any house, a gift of Christmas Potpourri could be made and given. My oranges did not fit in our jars. Instead I used a red and green plaid plastic bag which we had left over from last year. Recipe and printable tag are found here. My husband and I tried out the recipe one evening. The warmed spices floated through the houses creating a wonderful aroma.

I also made scarves for my daughters out of a few old dresses and a photo book for my parents. Instead of the typical family picture album, I created a book full of all my favorite 'artistic' photographs for them to enjoy.

Next year, I hope to increase our homemade gifts even more so I've been busy collecting ideas.
~ Dorie

You can read about our past homemade gifts from 2010, 2011, and 2013 as well.


  1. M made those trees last year! :)

    1. That's great! I bet they turned out well. I loved the ease of the project for children - and the results are adorable. For a no-sew option, I liked this button, glue, and craft stick idea found here - {Post includes a lot of ideas for homemade ornaments which I might consider for next year depending on what the children like and what materials we have on hand.}


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