January 17, 2011

Doodles of a Youth

One evening I was in the back room, preparing for the next day's lessons.
My oldest son's science binder lay open at his spot.
Greeting my eyes was the best doodles I have ever seen...

The phrase comes from a book we have at our house called
Jesus Freaks: Stories of Those Who Stood for Jesus,
by DC Talk and the Voice of the Martyrs.

Today, I am linking this post to A Holy Experience
to join in thanking our Heavenly Father for his bountiful blessings.

191.  seeing my oldest son's 'Jesus Freak' doodle and knowing that by this doodle he wants to stand for Jesus in his life

192.  knowing the Lord has our children's lives in His hands

193.  trusting Him

194.  children devouring fresh fruits for snacks

195.  sons who clean and organize their closet without being asked

196.  a little boy who organized his toy shelves with his own categories like this new 'turtle shelf'

197.  my son helping to carry our groceries through the store so another customer could have a cart

198.  my oldest son's spelling word list that I had to look up some of the word's proper pronunciations so I could test him

199.  science supplies that I could photograph (we will be dissecting the flowers in science co-op)

200.  learning the cancer of a loved one is treatable and hasn't spread

201.  receiving bags of needed clothing from a friend for our youngest

202.  my younger daughter's willing heart to help my husband and I in the nursery at church yesterday

203.  the joy of successfully comforting a baby

204.  the fearlessness of a little toddler at play

205.  the perfect timing of encouraging words from a friend

...and so it continues...


  1. Sorry to hear of cancer touching your family, but praising in treatment options.

    My kids may not like meat or veggies, but both love fruit. The number one requested snack by our son is yogurt.

    We were also recently blessed with hand-me-downs, and M is wearing some today! I need to go through the kids' clothing and see if I can bless someone else with at least a few items. (We're not ready to pass it all on though.)

    Jesus Freak, indeed. :)

  2. I love reading blessings lists! what a wonderful list :)


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