January 14, 2011

Science Supplies and Projects

I must confess...on a whole, I do not really like 'get your hands dirty, work in the field type' science projects.  Oh, terrible, just horrible, I know.  Worse when you find out I am married to a man who works in the scientific field. 

For the most part, they never seem to work for me.  The plants don't grow.  The results aren't the 'expected' results outlined in the teacher's guide.  The experiment always takes longer us than what the directions implied and therefore, I did not allow enough time for the experiment.  Then, there is the icky messes that need cleaned up after the experiments.  All of this was true up until two days ago. 

Two days ago, I had most of the supplies on hand for our upcoming science co-op class.  We are currently studying plants.  The planned projects include dissecting a flower, dissecting seeds, and starting a seed growing experiment.  I had to purchase flowers and seeds for the class. 

Then, the snow storm came.  It dumped enough snow that class was canceled.  Now, I need to keep these flowers alive for almost a week.  I am a bit doubtful of my ability to keep said flowers in pristine condition for the class, but I will try. 

Meanwhile, I've been enjoying their beauty and using them as subjects for photographs.  Then, inspiration hit!  Wouldn't the other 'get your hands dirty' projects we have ongoing and are about to start make interesting subjects for photographs?  I set up our root growing project and took some photographs.  When my older daughter and I worked out a water experiment we both took more photographs.

I'll share both of those photographed projects later, but for now, I hope you enjoy these photographs of my recently found love of science supplies.  And...for the record...I still don't really like 'get your hands dirty' science projects, but I sure do like photographing some of them.


  1. Love the shots of these carnations, especially the last one.. and can not wait to see what the science projects will look like...

  2. Really pretty!

    I've seen carnations last for a month, on occasion. Maybe yours will too!

  3. Gorgeous! I think the science aspect of homeschooling will be a bit of a challenge for me as well. :)

  4. beautiful flowers, wow! Science experiments don't usually work out for me, either :) Good luck!

  5. Well, the flowers did survive! Although they did not look quite so lovely when we dissected them.


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