February 28, 2011

Seasons Change

Signs of spring abound....I am so grateful...

As grateful as I am for the season of spring to melt away the coldness of winter,
am I just as grateful for the seasons of  my life to change? 

Recently, while speaking to a youth,
I realized how my husband and I must appear to her
~ old
I saw it in her eyes, a respect for our age.
And, right then and there, I realized it.
I am no longer part of the younger generation.
At 35, I am almost twice her age of 17. 
My husband and I have four children, are friendly with her parents,
and are part of an older generation.
  This actual realization was a bit difficult to meld in my mind and heart. 
I don't feel old.  I feel like I am just beginning to live.
Yet, when I assess the memories of days and years
that add up to my life, I am astonished by the breadth of them.
These moments of life brought me to where I am today.
And, I am grateful for where I am today, and who I am becoming,
because I am still learning and growing
no matter how old I appear to others.

Counting all these wildly wonderful realizations and many blessings with others at A Holy Experience.

...continuing my gratitude listing...

326.  the changing seasons of my life

327.  respectful youth

328.  signs of spring, including sprouts of green beginning to appear in the flower beds

329.  watching the first migrating flocks of birds fly north as I wash dinner dishes

330.  birds reminding me of God's care

331.  children jumping joyfully

332.  spending time praying with my sisters in Christ

333.  women sharing their hearts without reserve or fear of judgement

334.  reading thought provoking books ~ How Should We Then Live? by Francis A. Schaeffer

335.  bowls with plate lids keeping homemade waffles warm

336.  four inches of fallen snow reminding me to patiently wait for spring

337.  robins returning to the backyard

338.  folding fresh blueberries in muffin batter, and being able to get fresh fruit even though locally it is out of season

339.  a little one learning what it means to provide

340. a dog who likes to play and run about with the children

341.  impromptu cookie baking with my oldest daughter

342.  daughters who like the hair cuts I recently gave them

343.  a daughter who donated 12" of hair

344.  a Sunday afternoon nap

345.  a weekend with limited set plans

...and so it continues...


  1. What wonderful words! I still have moments when I realize that I am not 18, or 20, or even 30 anymore and that I must appear "old" to the younger generations - but inside I struggle that I'm still me - young and carefree (kind of!!)

  2. Yep...I'm there with you as part of the older generation...though we're not. :)

    WOW! We don't have spring yet. I will keep looking though!

  3. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Loving your eucharisteo...love that you, (who are young to me...my oldest daughter turns 34 this spring!), are reading Francis Schaeffer. Have you read his wife, Edith's, Hidden Art of Homemaking or What ia a Family...so good!

  5. it hit me a few years ago... that htough i still feel it, i am no longer a young (or younger!)adult. and this year i will hit another milestone. with a smile. but i do wonder how hold i appear to the high school kids that we are surrounded by!

    i love #333. one of the best things about blogging. i hope your srping blooms great and wide!

  6. Our posts have a similar tune to them today. not the age part. I'm only 33 years young this week which means I could practically be your kid! {wink wink!}
    But the seasons changing in life as they are changing outside... we even have a similar photo of buds poking up. :)

    It is funny when my perspective of age catches up with how much older I am than I think of. I think of how OLD i thought my parents where when they were "thirty something" and proud of it.

    Thanks for sharing your list at Ann's.

    Have a blessed week full of abounding counted gifts from above.

    p.s. those muffins are calling me... would you mind faxing me one? ;)

  7. Love it! I really love how you said that these moments have brought you where you are today!! So true. All of them...good, bad, & ugly!

    Thank you for sharing, Dorie!!

  8. Oh my! Just wait until you are in your 60's and realize that the 35 year olds are thinking of themselves as young and you are OLD!!!! Trouble is, I still think and feel as I did in my 20's. Maybe a little wiser, more experienced, set in my ways, and love old stuff, but still. . . ME!
    Loved your list today! Loved the reminder to stay young at heart! And yes, I still respect those older than I am!!!!


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