February 21, 2011

Breaks in the Routine of Life

Everyone needs a break...a time to relax, regroup, and re-energize.  For four days our family took a break from our day to day lesson routine, and instead played, read, and talked. 
It was a time of refreshment. 

And, though these days do not count toward the required 180 days of school,
they definitely count in our lives.

Today is Monday, a day to join other ladies counting our blessings at A Holy Experience.

301.  taking the needed breaks

302.  spending time playing, talking, and reading

303.  talents and skills being developed

304.  dreams and anticipation for the future, but learning to live in the here and now

305.  imaginative play

306.  an older son learning what it means to be a man

307.  a young daughter playing mommy

308.  an older daughter growing into a lady

309.  little ones wearing crowns that slip down their foreheads

310.  bathrobe becoming a king's robe

311.  games like Quoridor, Nine Men's Morris, Gobblet, Square Up!, and Fox & Geese that help develop our children's thinking skills

312.  my husband giving the boys hair cuts

313.  our youngest 'loving' his shower afterward

314.  a new curved shower curtain rod ~ I feel like I'm in an upscale hotel each morning

315.  my husband making fried eggs for breakfast

316.  weather warming enough to schedule play time at the park with friends again

317.  bicycles and scooters brought out of the garage and rode down the street

318.  neighborhood pick-up game of football

319.  oldest son's amazing catch during the game

320.  pulling the wagon with our youngest giggling merrily

321.  unusual warm, fresh air one morning ~ a pleasant, early reminder of what is to come in a month or so

322.  steamed, fresh vegetables

323.  beautiful sun set to watch as I prep dinner one evening

324.  pondering Luke 10:41-42 again, realizing that my 'Martha' ways still need to give way to my 'Mary' heart, and knowing through His grace and love I have changed and will continue to grow more in this area

325.  visiting an exhibit of orchids and other beautiful flowers at the conservatory of a local garden

...and so it continues...


  1. M was sitting beside me this morning and recognized your picture!

    We also like the curved shower curtain rod...so much extra space! Derek recently had to take it down and put it on wooden pieces because it angled down too much, but now it hangs straight! (It only had on side in a stud before.)

  2. love your pictures and your list. I am compiling my own list as well. There are so many awesome things that we forget to see in our lives every day. It was great to see some things that I forgot about on your list today. I love your 303. Thanks for sharing, you stirred my heart.

  3. Cute pic, just look at his big smile!

    Yes, it is good to take time off and just enjoy each other.

  4. Dorie,

    Taking breaks in our daily routine is always a good thing. I find that if I don't stop to take a break or stop to rest, I grow listless and unproductive, and these two things don't work well together.

    I cracked a smile when I read #314 on your list. :) Isn't it funny how little things like this can make us feel like we are living like Queens? :)

    I also struggle with #324, but I feel that we are not the only women who struggle with this.

    Take care Dear Mother.

    -Lady Rose

  5. I’m visiting from Ann’s today. I know it’s Tuesday and the link was yesterday. But there are 300 of us linking – I’ll be reading all week and still won’t get to them all. So I’m glad I got to yours.

    First, about joining the ladies – there are – ahem – at least two men on the list :)

    And I do have one favorite from your list. It’s actually two 319. oldest son's amazing catch during the game and 320. pulling the wagon with our youngest giggling merrily – because to have them set back to back like that is what family is all about – I’m glad you have your family – all of them – and it’s obvious you’re a good mom – I’m grateful for that too.

    Thank you for sharing your list – it’s really a joy reading all of these.

    God Bless you and yours and your gratitude journey.


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