March 7, 2011

Late Evening Dinner Date

The house remained quiet as I waited for my husband to return with take out food.  Upstairs, children drifted peacefully into dreamland.  Downstairs, I slowly set the dining room table, preparing for a special evening. 

The clock ticked past eight thirty.  He would be home soon.  Plates, napkins, and utensils were arranged.  Stemware, rarely used, washed and dried, graced tonight's table.  Candles placed in a line completed the seating for two.

A dinner date at home awaited my husband and I.  And, I couldn't be more grateful for the time alone, just the two of us.  Sounds of a key turning the lock signaled his arrival home.  I turned to greet him at the door, and begin our late evening dinner date.

Regularly, my husband and I take time for the two of us, whether an evening out or one spent at home.  Each time is a blessing to us.  Counting this precious blessing and all the others with Ann at A Holy Experience each Monday.

...continuing my gratitude listing...

346.  late evening dinner dates with my husband

347.  bright morning sunshine

348.  youngest waking up with smiles and giggles despite a night of illness

349.  fishing line making a model draw bridge movable, and my son's creativity in using it

350.  puzzle my dad found and gave our family

351.  time spent together assembling it

352.  answered prayers for friends' adoption process {they'll be traveling soon, and bringing home their child}

353.  attending our niece's birthday celebration

353.  giving her a homemade gift, a doll quilt I made

354.  our youngest making his own gift for his cousin, a butterfly to hang

355.  a daughter making her own gift for her cousin, a paper doll, complete with changeable outfits

356.  conversations with my brother, my how we have grown and matured, and through it all the bonds of family

357.  children who love to paint as much as I do

....and so it continues...


  1. Good morning Dorie! What a special time to have together :)

  2. YOu are brillant!!!! I always try and fix a special late dinner.. and the cooking smells wake up everyone!!!! What abeautiful table you have set...((sigh)) thak you for the inspiration!

  3. I love these posts!

    I think you and Drummer have truly instilled a gracious gift giving spirit! I love it!

    I can't imagine having dinner at 8:30, but maybe some day we will...or a snack. We even have a tablecloth now that I could choose to use...

  4. Love the dinner date! What a great puzzle... and so fun to put it together as a family. The butterfly gift is so sweet!

  5. Beautiful thanks Dorie!

  6. I clicked over from Anne’s link today.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who is thinking – details – we want details of the dinner. :)

    My favorite from the list was 355. a daughter making her own gift for her cousin, a paper doll, complete with changeable outfits (close cousins are almost like siblings sometimes – I’m glad she has one so close)

    I hearted all of this – so good – made me smile.

    Thank you

    God bless

  7. So thankful that we can all come together and share our heart of thanksgiving to GOD !!

  8. A dinner date is a wonderful idea. I love your list of blessings.

  9. I love this, Dorie! Such beautiful items! The date, quilt, puzzle time...LOVE IT ALL! :)


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