March 4, 2011

A Princess Party

Remembering a celebration for princesses...

They were all princesses
...dining on delicacies in elegance
and dressed in finery.

It was a party for princesses held near Purim.
Invited 'by Royal Decree,' fellow princesses came to celebrate the princess in each of us. 

They listened as Courage, Esther! was read, learned more about the King of Kings and Esther,
made a few princess crafts, and dined at a formal table. 
Though this party will not be held again this year, the memories are forever cherished. 

Knowing we are each a princess at heart...
courage donned in beauty,
femininity, strength, life, vitality, purpose, and hospitality,
with the King of Kings for our Father.


Purim - March 20, 2011
A listing of possible resources for ideas and recipes:
A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays
Walk With Y'Shua Through the Jewish Year
Celebrating Biblical Feasts: In Your Home or Church
Courage, Esther!
VeggieTales: Esther: The Girl Who Became Queen (DVD, child)


  1. I have always loved the story of Esther and look forward to sharing her story with my girls! Ruth's story has always been my favorite :)

    What a marvleous party idea - and I love the dresses! Simply lovely :)

  2. what an amazing way to share with friends.. and your china is to die for!

  3. Thank you, Ladies.
    Aurie, your comment about Ruth has me pondering activities I could plan to accompany learning more about her life...
    Mom of M&Ms, Isn't that china lovely? It was my husband's grandmothers. I've always thought it beautiful with the pale yellow color and gold decorations, plus that square shape. We are blessed to use it.

  4. I am reading a "biography" on Esther right now (though slowly). It is very enjoyable...

    I love this idea!!


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