December 30, 2010

Make Yourself at Home, Moe

Isn't that crooked ear just adorable?

Our dog, Moe, has found all sorts of places to relax
as he adjusts to life in our chaotic, I mean, active household.

We are adjusting as well.
It had been almost 8 months since we had a dog in the house.
Eight months of not walking a dog, cleaning up after a dog,
feeding a dog, and caring for a dog.

It had also been eight months of not playing with a dog, not patting a dog's head,
not giving a dog treats, not running with a dog,...

and not having a dog to love.


  1. he looks so sweet! our girls (we have 2 dogs) loves lounging on the sofas and snuggling in laps. did I mention that they are very large dogs :)

  2. Oh my! He is just precious!! We have a little dog that is spoiled rotten! They bring such life to the family. :) Thanks for stopping by and visiting!

  3. I miss the crazy ear! It's good to see him all settled in and obviously happy.

  4. I am so happy that he has fit in so well. I see that the furniture discussion was won by him. That is so funny. He is a whippet through and through! Happy New Year!


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