December 9, 2011

When You Begin to See

He pedaled swiftly down the road as a light mist fell. 
Quickly, he passed by us. 

His long, frizzy beard and tan shirt flapping in the breeze
was not what caught my eye. 

Nor was it his bright red baseball cap covering sandy colored shaggy hair. 

No, instead it was the dull red child carrier he towed behind his bicycle. 
The wheeled cart didn't have a joyful child or a bagful of groceries spilling out the sides. 
Instead, it was filled with clothes and supplies. 
Supplies to live. 
Supplies to survive

today's photograph for the DPP

It has been weeks since I saw her at the library, the lady asleep in her car.  And, now I see him.  Another person who is homeless. 

My eyes are opening to the very needs within our local community. 
I am beginning to see...

~ Dorie

Linked to The Gypsy Mama for 5 Minute Friday, this week's prompt: color


  1. The colors of sadness. Of Need. A nice reminder when our eyes tend to not see this pain.
    Thank you,

  2. how important this sight is. These colors of life being lived...

  3. Oh that I would live life with eyes opened. Beautiful.

  4. Jesus opens the eyes of the blind.
    Funny, it is me who has been blindest.

    He opens the ears of the deaf. I am the one, though, who doesn't seem to listen.

    He opens the mouth of the mute.. and they praise Him. They praise Him. What comes from my functioning mouth?

    He sets the captive free. Yet I am sometimes trapped in my self made prison. Ya know?

    Thanks for seeing with God eyes and telling us what you saw.


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