December 29, 2010

A Memory Making Kind of Day

It was the first day of Christmas vacation.  There were no lesson plans to be completed, no place we had to be, and nothing in particular scheduled.  However, it was to be a special day. 

It was to be A Memory Making Kind of Day.

The day was set aside for my children and I to share special activities and moments that we will remember in the years to come. 

The planning started the night before.  The breakfast table was dressed up, and candles and Christmas lights lit up the kitchen. 

The children arose to a homemade egg dish and cranberry biscuit breakfast. 
Accompanying the food was a cup of juice and hot cocoa. 

On a whim, I added small peppermint candy canes.  It was a special day, and yes, I broke the unwritten 'no desserts til after lunch' rule we usually impart. 

The children greeted the sight with enthusiasm and lingered at the table savoring the meal and sweet treat.

After clean up, we began a relaxed time of baking cookies.  We giggled and created.  We talked and baked. 

My husband finished his day's work and joined us for dinner.  That evening, after dinner, we settled around the living room and spent the evening together, eating cookies and watching a Christmas movie.

It was a day I will remember and cherish for years to come.  Thank you, Lord, for blessing us with A Memory Making Kind of Day.


  1. What beautiful pictures and memories!

  2. Memory making days are the best kind of days...they bring out the joy of having a family! Sounds so pleasant.

  3. Dorie,

    It sounds like you had a lovely time with your children.

    The hot cocoa looked good to me (I love hot cocoa :), and I like the idea of the special treat of candy canes at the breakfast table, ha! :)

    One last thing, I noticed that you had a rolling pin with shapes engraved upon it. I have never seen a rolling pin like that before. How neat! :)

    Anyway, thank you for sharing your memorable day with us. :)

    -Lady Rose


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