December 13, 2010

Notes for Mom

One day, our preschooler was standing beside me drawing on a small piece of paper.  
Sighing, he asked, "Mom, what comes after Mom?" 

I asked, "What do you mean?" 
"I mean, what's your full long name?  Mom, what?" 
I laughed...
then I paused and reflected.

So many roles and attributes wrapped up in that three letter word

M - O - M,

but simply stated as "Mom."

It may not be a long and significant sounding name.

It may lack grandeur.

But, is there any other sweeter word to hear?

"Yes, Honey," I turn back to my son, "my name is Mom."

I laughed again, smiled, and repeated, 
"Just Mom." 

"OK," he replies, and hands me this precious note.
The first he has ever written me.

Our youngest son's note - written at age 3

continuing my gratitude list...

76.  being "Mom" to four beautiful blessings

77.  inquisitive children who wonder and ask questions about life

78.  handwritten notes and creations of art from my children

79.  children learning to tell funny, but sweet, jokes and their developing humor

80.  a kitchen table filled with board games in the middle of a 'marathon' game session

81.  seeing the first flurries of snow fall

82.  interesting conversations

83.  the new laundry room cart my husband made me

84.  holiday traditions

85.  rummaging through the attic and finding forgotten 'treasures'

86.  hearing my children sing at their Christmas concert

87.  photographs arriving with Christmas cards

88.  lingering at the breakfast table

89.  notes my mom has kept through the years that I wrote to her when I was a child

A note I wrote my mom when I was 7 years old
90.  visiting with friends and getting to know them better

91.  feeling comfortable enough with friends to be more open and let them know our hearts better

92.  holding hands with my husband

93.  holiday feel good movies

94.  a note of gratitude from a co-op student (with a box of CHOCOLATE)

95.  finding a missing glove in the back yard

96.  an afternoon of craft and play time for my daughters with a friend from the neighborhood

97.  grocery shopping with my family

98.  finding good sale prices while out shopping

99.  Christmas cards from loved ones far away

100.  other moms who spend their days doing all the big and little things associated with that one little name of "Mom"

A note from our youngest daughter - written at age 7 be continued... 


  1. Awe...Mom is a big word...what a lovely note from your youngest...the tradition continues!

    Getting to know friends better is a huge blessing!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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