December 20, 2010

Quiet Evenings

Although every evening isn't spent at home reading or playing games,
I am grateful for those special times we are able to be home
enjoying one another and just being a family...

It is Monday.
Today is
just like any other day,
with an opportunity to give thanks to our Father.
Joining the ladies over at A Holy Experience in gratitude.

101.  quiet evenings spent at home reading and playing games together

102.  my preschoolers happy dance when he won a game

103.  snow falling that actually accumulated (a dusting but enough to play)

104.  making my children blueberry pancakes and the thumbs up "best pancakes I ever had" response from my youngest

105.  advice my husband received and used to fix our car

106.  fun times of fellowship with co-op families

107.  my daughter being able to share the gospel with a friend

108.  my children's developing compassion for other people, their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs

109.  my husband and oldest son starting to make a robot together (from a kit)

110.  my oldest son taking the time to make his father a 3-D model of a drum set out of paper

111.  the joy my children had in making and giving Christmas gifts

112.  listening to the children (including my daughters) sing "Angels We Have Heard On High" during church service on Sunday

113.  my family discussing the lessons learned at church together over a simple lunch

114.  squeals of laughter and delight of children playing

115.  watching my daughters play hand bells at a performance for nursing home residents

116.  the facial and verbal expressions of the nursing home residents as they enjoyed what the children had prepared for them

117.  the time God provided for me to read straight through His Word

118.  a fresh perspective on God's Word

119.  a better understanding of how Revelation fits in to His Word and understanding this important prophecy better

120.  listening to my children's prayers

121.  homemade candies and jelly given to our family

122.  warming by an outdoor fire while a little snow fell

123.  the first snow ball fight of the winter

124.  the beauty of the first snow fall

125.  a cozy home


  1. Dorie,

    You surely have much to be grateful for. I like your list. I think it helps to make lists like these so we can physically see the many blessings that we may over-look and take for granted.

    When you mentioned that your children were playing the hand bells at the nursing home, it reminded me of my childhood. When I was younger, I was involved in a group at my church where we would play the hand bells at various places too, and the nursing home was one of those places. :)

    Anyway, thank you for visiting my blog the other day. That was very kind of you. You truly do have a nice blog here. I have decided to become your newest follower. I hope that you don't mind. :)

    Have a blessed day.

    -Lady Rose

  2. I love those quiet family nights too! Such a gift!

    I love your list, especially getting a new perspective on God's Word and listening to my children's prayers. Precious things, indeed!

    Merry, merry Christmas to you!


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