December 26, 2010

Christmas Memories

Christmas Day has come and gone...all that is left is the memories of the day,
and so very much to be very grateful for...

Expressing gratitude with a group of ladies at A Holy Experience to our Heavenly Father
for His many gifts.

...continuing my gratitude list...

126.  love and humility of Christ to take on human form, be born, and live on earth for me and you

127.  our Christmas traditions

128.  the cheesecake and cookies given to our family ~ delicious!

129.  reading with my children

130.  disappointments that teach us to be gracious and compassionate with others

131.  rising in the middle of the night with my husband to see the lunar eclipse a few days before Christmas

132.  the crumbling pumpkin bread my son and I made together that wasn't good enough to give away, but delicious enough for us to eat

133.  my youngest child conquering a fear of the sound of the mixer to help make cookie dough

134.  spending most of a day baking with my children

135.  the children's creative cut out cookie decorations and their enthusiasm and care in creating them

136.  watching a Christmas movie together one evening

137.  mashing potatoes with my daughter

138.  starting our Christmas vacation with a special day spent together

139.  my husband and I prepping our Christmas dinner together (with some help from the children) the day before Christmas 

140.  having to spend only a minimum amount of time in the kitchen on Christmas day, because the prep work of the day before, and instead spending time playing games with my family

141.  the beauty of the glowing lights at Christmas Eve service

142.  the joy and peace that surrounds the celebration of Christmas

143.  beautiful voices lifted in praises during the Christmas Eve service

144.  finding out where our OCC shoe boxes were delivered ~ Dominican Republic

145.  phone calls from family far away on Christmas, but always close to our hearts

146.  creating Christmas memories

147.  gifts that can not be bought or wrapped - love, time, joy...

148.  using my husband's Memere's dishes for our Christmas meal

149.  making gingerbread houses together on Christmas Day

150.  the first substantial snow of the season be continued...


  1. Praise God for so many blessing! I love that your children are included in the list of blessings :-)

    Thank you for leaving your sweet comment on my blog today :-)

  2. Such a lovely list! The pictures of your gingerbread houses are so sweet. May your heart remain full of Christmas each and every day of this new year.

  3. 126 & 147 Amen!!
    All beautiful gifts for our Father :-)
    many blessings..Trish

  4. the gifts that cannot be bought. precious and true. lovely pictures. Christmas is a joy and so is your gratitude


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