December 27, 2010

Trying to Decide

Earlier this year, my husband and I redid our office and created a family room with a small office area at one end.  We love using this room to its full capacity, and have been blessed with a tv for that room.  Unfortunately, the tv sat on the floor for the first three weeks.  We had no tv stand.  We shopped around for weeks looking at tv stands, and finally found one we liked and could afford. 

Le Creuset PG1090-1117 - 3-Quart Sangria Pitcher in Caribbean

Now, I find myself shopping for a pitcher.  Not just any pitcher.  It will be my first real serving pitcher of the non plastic variety.  I want a pretty one, but it needs to be versatile.  For now, it will be my only pitcher, so it also needs to durable and sturdy. 

A few months ago, I started looking around in stores as time permitted. 

Euroquest Imports Polish Pottery 951-DU1 - 28 oz Pitcher - Pattern DU1

Well, you can imagine with four children, a busy schedule, and limited budget, I did not find exactly what I want.

Emile Henry 681501 - Pitcher in Vert Green

Recently, when I was given the opportunity to review something for CSN Stores, I looked at their selection of pitchers.  The site's variety of pitchers is fabulous, and  I think I may have narrowed my search to a few choices, but first, I definitely would not mind receiving some advice. 

Lenox 6051361 - Butlers Pantry Large Pitcher

If you were choosing between the pitchers featured on this post, which would you get, and why? 

 Le Creuset PG1070-1030 - 2-Quart Pitcher in Cobalt

Photo Credit: Photographs featured in this post are courtesy of CSN Stores.
All pitchers viewed above are, as of post date, available for purchase at CSN Stores.


  1. The last blue one looks old fashioned, which I like.

    I actually like them all a lot...for different reasons though. The peach and blue ones are my favorite though...probably due to simplicity. Probably the peach is my just looks so classic.

    Have fun choosing!

  2. Dorie,

    Oh my, this is certainly a cute post! :)

    All of these pitchers are nice, but personally, my favorite pitchers on this page are the yellow one with the flowers engraved upon it, and the blue one with the swirly decorations.

    If I had to narrow my choice, I would probably pick the yellow pitcher because it matches the color decore of my kitchen. Also, it has a bit of style to it without being too "showy" or too plain.

    Those are just my thoughts. Let us know which one you finally decide to purchase. :)

    -Lady Rose

  3. My first instinct said the first one or the last one because they looked the most sturdy and usable - not just pretty for looks.

    Then when I looked closer I saw they are both Le Crueset(sp?) which I know is a sturdy brand so I still go with number one or the last one. If I was picking between the two I would go with the first one.

  4. I guess it depends on how you will use it and where it lives but I like the classic lines of the white one.

  5. Ladies,
    Thank you very much for your thoughtful advice.

    Annette and Lady Rose,
    I, too, loved the golden colored pitcher, but it only matched some of my dishes. Unfortunately, I need it to match more than just those few.

    The pearl like trim of the white one is amazing, and the lines are classic...a beautiful piece.

    Sandra J,
    I did not know that about Le Crueset. Thanks for the tip as durability was definitely a factor.

    So...After much consideration and deliberation, I narrowed it down to the white one and a blue one (size of the first one, but color of last one). In the end, I picked the blue pitcher because I thought it would work better with my casual serving dishes. Although I like the formal look of the white one, I decided I would probably get more use out of the blue one.

    Thank you all for your help.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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