December 6, 2010

Meet Moe

Meet Moe, our new dog.
He is a three year old whippet 
who joined our family this past month.
How grateful we are to have a dog again! 

Our greyhound died this past March
after spending 12+ years of her retirement in our home. 
She was a rescue. 
After the difficult transition from kennel and racing life
to family and home life,
she was the most easy going dog I have ever known. 
(Not all rescues have as hard of a time adjusting as she did.) 
Our hearts ached when she died. 
Now, we have opened our hearts again
to another dog,
a playful, energetic whippet
named Moe.

holy experience

Continuing my gratitude list....

51.  Moe - our new dog

52.  Thanksgiving Day leftovers that lasted for several meals

53.  a dozen deer we saw at the park

54.  a long paved park trail that the children can ride scooters and bikes without worrying about cars traveling past

55.  the children playing word games and I Spy games to pass the time while waiting 

56.  'Jesus is the Reason for the Season' t-shirts given to my children years ago that are now being passed down through the family as they grow, and the lady who lovingly picked them out and gave them to us

57.  Sunday school teachers who diligently prepare and teach each week

58.  sermons that get to the heart of the matter

59.  seeing hundreds, maybe thousands, of migrating birds (we live on a migratory path for a lot of birds)

60.  strong coffee

61.  a pair of favorite boots given to my older daughter from a kind neighbor that have now been passed down to my younger daughter

62.  a filled heating oil tank that will be used to warm the house as these cold, dreary days continue

63.  little hands decorating our Christmas tree

64.  tender smiles of the elderly at the nursing home when the children's choir sang there this past weekend

65.  sturdy drying racks that are used daily as the weather is rainy or too cold to hang out our laundry

66.  my husband who willingly helps others on his day off

67.  Christmas carols that fill our house with joy

68.  co-op classes that my children enjoy

69.  family and friends who brighten our days with phone calls and visits

70.  making homemade Christmas gifts with my children

71.  storm windows in place against the cold winter weather

72.  children having fun while cleaning up the yard

73.  going to a local Christmas light display and walking about the gardens drinking hot cocoa with my husband and children

74.  a fixed dish washer and my husband's ability to fix it

75.  being aware of how fast my children are growing up so I can savor each moment

...and so it continues...


  1. We are not particularly dog people (though Derek really enjoys "visiting" with them), but Moe sounds like a great addition to the family.

    Will you be sharing your homemade Christmas crafts? I'm especially interested in what your youngest child will be making! This year M loved her salt dough ornaments that we pulled out yesterday.

  2. Christmas lights in a garden with cocoa & family... wonderful :)

    i join you in the counting & savoring.

    and Welcome to Moe :}


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