May 10, 2012

Every Spring

Every spring, it is the same.
Azaleas bloom, lilac scents waft, and our children take standardized tests.

But this year is different.
Oh, the azaleas are in full bloom, I've breathed lilac aroma, and our children have sat through tests.

But this year, I am free.
I am free from the 'my child must score the highest possible score on a test and qualify for the John Hopkins gifted program with over a 95 percentile so I can feel validated as a mom, teacher, homeschooler, and person.'  I no longer feel like I am taking the test.  I am free from the expectation that my child's test accomplishments are the sole reflection, good or bad, upon my abilities. 

What has changed?
I am trusting Him and His ways, and resting in His peace.  Though a standardized test can give us valuable information, it is not the whole picture of my children's education.  So, I am leaving the score card of a standardized test in its proper place, as a part of the picture and not the whole.
~ Dorie


  1. You go girl!! I'd high five you if we were in the same room! {actually I think I'd hug you :)} That is an awesome attitude to have!

  2. Great thoughts. I have to say I haven't tested my kids in years. We don't have to for our state, so I don't. I still feel I know what they know and where they have struggles, since I am with them each day. Great that you let go of this bondage and feel more free!

  3. Freedom, indeed! I have the feeling I will need to be trusting God on this too...even if I don't homeschool.

  4. Way to go, Dorie! Your post speaks the truth. Give it all over to Him. He's in control. Test results? They may have their place, but I don't like them; especially the standardized testing. Every child is different. Freedom for you! Horray for the revelation! Beautiful pictures, too.


  5. amen sister! happy mama's day!! :)

  6. There's so much more to life and homeschooling than success as the world would measure it. Trust and peace are wonderful gifts to pass on and a mark of true success.


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