January 30, 2012

What It Is Really About

It has been years in the planning stage, and almost two years in the building phase.  We have held services in the redone Sanctuary since Christmas Eve.  Now, this past Sunday, we dedicated it. 

The entire building has been dedicated to the Lord for His purposes, His work, and His glory. 

While I took photographs of the new building and the redone Sanctuary, I won't share them today, because it isn't about how lovely the building is, or how large the rooms are, or even all the technological improvements. 

No, it is still, and forever will be about

His sacrifice, His love, and His grace.
~ Dorie

...continuing my gratitude listing...

921.  it is all about Him

922.  a dedication service glorifying to Him

923.  the song "All is Well" - and my Drummer husband playing his heart out during it

924.  fun fellowship that followed

925.  an amazing cake constructed to look like our church

926.  individuals using their talents for His glory

927.  visiting dear friends

928.  holding a sweet baby

929.  children sharing and playing well together

930.  cutting vegetables for salad

931.  spending a few hours with my mom

932.  a son who tried to throw a football over a 40 foot tree

933.  a stuck football dropping from the branches on its own in the wind the next day

934.  homemade cookies from my mom

...and so it continues...


  1. How lovely - what a special time for all of you :)

    If that's the same song that I'm thinking of - it's one of my favorites too!!

  2. Truly a blessing to be part of the church dedication!

  3. love your photo.. and your right!!! it is all about Him.


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