August 11, 2011

A Different Kind of Anniversary

Last week, I posted exclusively about homeschooling.  This week seems to be centering around anniversaries: Today is the 1 year anniversary of my very first blog post!

Recently, at Missional Mama, I read this post about 'a trip down blog memory lane'.  Since today is one year since I started this blog, I'd like to take a similar walk using some of the same categories.  Recently, I admitted that I do not follow rules well, and apparently I cannot tag along very well either as I have changed some of the categories and added a few of my own.  However, I got the idea from her fun post, and I do know how to give credit!

Most Beautiful - Opening the Present
The photographs from this post are from a trip to the local gardens we frequent.  The place is so beautiful that even an amateur photographer like me can take breath taking photographs.

Most Popular - Rainbow Party Theme Favors
Can you believe this post outshines every other post I've ever written by a multitude of hits according to Blogger Stats?  I had no idea my youngest daughter's birthday party favors would be so popular.  They really were fun to make and give.  If I had to do them over, I would have tied a white ribbon to the ends instead of using the pipe cleaners.  Perhaps a bit more of a feminine touch...

Most Controversial
Opted not to use this one...why bring up that controversy was the post that made me want to close comments for good...might I just add, moderating comments at this time was both a good idea and a bad idea. 

Most Helpful
Opted not to use this one as well...not sure which of my non expert tips could really be included here.

Surprisingly Successful - A Little Lesson on Lambs
Though truly I would say that I am most surprised by the rainbow party favors, another surprise is the amount of email conversation, website links, and comments I received for my preschooler's lamb lesson.  Honestly, the resulting art work is precious and quite durable.  Almost a year later, and I still have his tucked away, a sweet memory keeper of the time we spent together learning about lambs.

Not Enough Success
Opted out of this category, as I don't really know how to measure success best.  I don't put too much stock in number of hits or comments.  Though that can be interesting, it isn't really success to me.  Success, for me, is doing my best (which is definitely not the same as being perfect) and hopefully helping or encouraging someone else along the way.

Post Your Most Proud Of - When They Understand Better Than You
Actually, it was this one and When You Can't Help but Remember, Steps on the Journey, A Long Journey, and Suffering for a Purpose, but I wanted to choose one.  I suppose I am most 'proud of' the posts where I write more from my heart and life.

...and I'm adding a few categories of my own...

Favorite Link-Up Post - Simply Sewing
This may be a surprise since I only linked up once to Simple Pleasures at A Collection of This and That, but it sure was a fun time with a great mix of friendly ladies and a gracious hostess.  And, of course, I still enjoy sewing and look forward to a few more projects.

Favorite Post to Write - Still Standing
It was my favorite post to write because I could not save it as a draft and revise it.  It had to be posted pretty much as is, with the exception of spell check.  It was probably one of the hardest posts to publish though.  I agonized as it was so 'raw' without any revisions.  In the end I was so glad to have done that challenge, and may try it again one day.

My Very First Post - Hiking
A year later and I still love this post!  Of course I should add here that though this was my very first post, it was not the first post most people read.  I did not tell others I was blogging until several weeks later.  So, the first post most of my family and friends read was Pom-Pom Predicament.

Thanks for walking alongside of me on this dusty road of grace filled days,


  1. Dorie - what a fun post! I enjoyed looking back at some of your earlier posts :)

    Happy bloggy Anniversary!

  2. Hey, thanks for the shout out! :) Look forward to checking out your links!

    Amy @ Missional Mama


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