November 8, 2010

Rainbow Party Theme Favors

Party favors for the rainbow themed party were easy to assemble. 

To make them...


paper tubes (about 6" in length)
blue cellophane
cream pipe cleaners
adhesive backed rainbow colored paper strips (about 1" X 6")
tacky glue (if adhesive on paper fails)
assorted candy


1.  Fill each tube with candy

2.  Cover each tube with blue cellophane.  Secure each end with a pipe cleaner.  A pipe cleaner was chosen for durability.

A note: The blue cellophane is meant to suggest the rain, and the cream colored pipe cleaners were meant to suggest the accompanying clouds.  These colors could easily be changed out for personal preference.

3.  Using the paper strips begin covering the tube in a rainbow color.  We had to overlap our strips slightly for the best coverage.

4.  If necessary add a small bead of glue down the seam where the paper strips overlap themselves.  (We found it necessary.)

5.  Allow to dry.

We chose to place them in a basket.

This basket is one we have on hand that I decorated with rainbow colored bows
and a few lace edged place mats. 
Again, the white is to suggest clouds.  I, personally, liked how feminine the lace looked.

The bows were simply tied on the handle in rainbow color order.


  1. Beautiful! I like how you included the tacky glue in case of adhesive failure...because on a such a curve it's likely.

    I really enjoyed teaching your daughter yesterday. She's full of thoughtful answers!

  2. Very neat idea! Thanks for sharing.


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