September 3, 2010

Pom-Pom Predicament

This is our daughters first year of cheerleading.  They will be cheering with Upward, a Christian based athletic league.  We've participated for years in the flag football and soccer leagues, and have been greatly blessed with the experiences our children have had.  We highly reccommend the league, and you can check them out here.

This week, the girls had their first practice.  What fun they had!  When they came home there was much discussion and laughter.  They had received their uniforms and cheering equipment.  For whatever reason, I assumed the pom-poms would be ready to use right from the first practice.  I was wrong, so very wrong... 
Our sweet smiling daughters delivered the pom-poms to us.
Neatly contained within a thin box measuring about 6"x4"
were two pom-poms.

This pictures shows just one of the pair.

We took them out. 

Read the directions. 

It looked easy enough. 

How hard could it be?

Twisting, turning, and pulling the strands apart,
we diligently worked.

Only occasionally,

we rested our fingers and thumbs. 

Periodically, we would stop and fluff our work.  

Two hours later, we had five sides completed.

Three more sides to go.

We stopped for the evening.

Last night,


 I twisted, turned, and pulled the strands
I only stopped to rest my tired thumbs and fingers. 

An hour later, and here is

the final result.

Eight sides of four pom-poms completed.

And, we have two smiling cheerleaders!

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