March 21, 2011

Remembering Gifts

It sits on his desk, a gift from years ago that I gave to the man who cherishes me.
To some an ordinary paper weight, but to me, it symbolizes much more.

When we were first married, I did not fully embrace submission.  Truthfully, I rather despised the idea, holding tightly to many misconceptions in my mind about it.   Then, I learned the truth and beauty of true Biblical submission.  Slowly, I released the misconceptions. 

What a difference learning the truths made in my life and my marriage!

By learning what it really means to be submissive, a burden was lifted off of me that I was never meant to carry.  I could then fully embrace femininity and womanhood with all its individuality, strengths, responsibilities, and skills.

And, I could relish in the delight of all that it means to be a married woman, living out my life in the freedoms I have found in God's truth.  

So, although this paper weight may seem like an odd choice, it represents, to me, the moment many years ago when I found the unique freedom of submission in our marriage.

...continuing my gratitude listing...

371.  freedom in submission

372.  gifts that serve as reminders

373.  lessons learned and those lessons left to be learned

374.  the Lord's wise and gentle teachings

375.  time to finish good books and start a few more

376.  lego-scattered bedroom floors with four children excitedly building together

377.  new curriculum catalogs arriving, and planning for next year

378.  aroma of cooking apple butter wafting through our home for a day

379.  updated pictures of our nephew - they grow so fast!

380.  daughters sleeping over at their cousins' house

381.  dinner out with just 'the boys' ~ my husband and sons while our daughters went to the sleepover

382.  husband getting up at 1 AM to pick up our youngest daughter who became ill at the sleepover

383.  gracious aunt and uncle who cared for her while she was ill at their home

384.  time spent nursing my daughter and my own loss of sleep, resulting in the gift of putting her needs before my own, and learning more what it means to sacrifice for another

385.  youngest daughter's recovery, she is now well

...and so it continues...


  1. Thanks for the reminder,Dorie. To let go and let God!
    Lovely list! The Lego one rings a familiar bell! ;)

  2. What a good reminder!

    We have also been dealing with another ill child...but from his own bed.

    Sorry to hear that your daughter was sick at a sleepover. At least she knows there will be more of them!

  3. Good morning! What a list..I hope your daughter is feeling better!! I struggled worth the concept of obey...and God has really worked in my heart with this!

  4. Dorie,

    I enjoyed reading your brief story about how you discovered the truth and beauty of biblical submission.

    Also, I hope that your daughter is feeling well soon.



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