March 22, 2011

Changing the Perspective

This spring, I was determined to capture the forsythia
before the delicate yellow flowers gave way to green leaves.
From previous years, I remembered the yellow flowers lasted only a brief time.

Yesterday, the rain showers left the day gray and overcast. 
Not the best weather for picture taking.

As today dawned, the skies started to clear. 
I hustled outside, and walked to the far corner
where we have several forsythia bushes growing along the garden fence. 
I quickly set about snapping photographs. 
First, I tried from the side.  Then, looking straight down.

Well, to be honest, they seemed ho-hum.  Yep, yellow flowers...nothing spectacular. 
Then on a whim,
 I set the camera on edge, below the flowers, pointing upward,
and tried again. 

Hopefully, you, too, appreciate the change in point of view.


  1. Oh, yes! Vantage point is everything!

  2. What a difference... beautiful!

  3. nothing but snow here in ny, I look forward to the flowers...

  4. There's just something simply beautiful about the last shot...LOVE IT! I've tried the same angle when photographing daffodils and have loved the results.


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