March 14, 2011

Hidden Rainbows

As you may remember, one of our daughters loves color.
Her sunny outlook and bright smile warm the gloomiest of days. 
Recently she painted rainbows on the inside of her flower pot. 

Her creativity is such a blessing, and we are enjoying these rainbow stripes 
that will only be seen for a season and soon covered with dirt and flower seed.

Counting blessings upon blessings today at A Holy Experience.

...continuing my gratitude list...

358.  children who paint rainbows where few will see

359.  delight found while playing in the fountains

360.  spending an afternoon at the park with the children and our dog

361.  laundry folding helpers

362.  working steadily through the children's academic lessons at their individual pace

363.  brothers and sisters sharing and trading candy treats

364.  an out of state pen pal for our oldest daughter

365.  a spring like rainy day

366.  thought provoking words of others

367.  new opportunities

368.  reminders to set our clocks 1 hour ahead Saturday night (we forgot last year)

369.  letter of love I received from my oldest daughter

370.  bracelet my youngest made me (with a little help from my oldest daughter)

...and so it continues...


  1. Good morning Dorie! I so enjoy starting my week off by counting your blessings :)

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Loving your thanksgiving!

  3. I am like your daughter...I love colors too, that bowl/pot is beautiful!
    Lovely gifts!

  4. Rainbows where few will ever see! --- I just really loved that one. And I LOVED the pot, too! I'm not sure I could ever fill it with dirt, though! You know, there have been a few blessed rainbows in my life in places where no one would ever want to be with me. Your post today brought back those memories with great blessing and thankfulness this morning! Thank you for that! And I hope your daughter never loses her love for LOTS of color!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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